"IN THE CREATIVE WORLD, it's obviously important to be talented, visionary and to have a great design eye. But it's also extremely important to be a great teammate and colleague--someone who is enjoyable to work with, easy to collaborate with and whom you can feel comfortable sharing honest opinions. Michelle is a perfect example of both these worlds--she is both brilliant designer with an amazing body of work and she is a thoughtful, kind, fun person to work with. It was such a joy collaborating with her on the MATR BOOMIE rebrand and I would highly recommend her leadership and collaboration on other creative projects."

Molly Conley |  Design Director  |  Molly Conley Design


"ONE OF THE THINGS I'VE APPRECIATED so much about working with Michelle is how closely aligned our visions are. It's been such a relief to work with and feel like the other side of the collab totally gets it. Amazing. I'm truly grateful for everything Michelle has done to make the image of ARRVLS sing".

Jonathan I. Hirsch  |  Creator and Host  |  ARRVLS

"I HAVE KNOWN MICHELLE SINCE 2009, when she had just moved to Sydney, Australia. She traveled around the city with her porftfolio and resume in hand, introducing herself to people in the industry, trying to get her foot in the door. Although I wasn’t currently looking to hire at the time, after reviewing her portfolio, I decided to invite her in for an interview. 

Being a new member to my team, Michelle quickly fit in to our culture, was open to feedback and learning new skills and techniques. Michelle would be a valuable asset to any business, and I would not hesitate to recommend her. Her enthusiasm toward graphic design and willingness to challenge herself are undoubtful."

Lindsay Smith  |  Director  |  Eleven Eleven Design Consultants

“MICHELLE HAS A GREAT BALANCE between creativity and project management. Not only did she excel at graphic design but she also exhibited great ownership of all her projects. She is very independent and detail oriented. She is a self-starter and extremely organized.

At Matr Boomie she developed a number of processes and task calendars which ensured higher efficiency and timelines were met. She has been a great mentor to our interns and other marketing staff. She was one of the most favorite staffers and got along well with everyone in our US and India teams. She was one of the best performers in the entire company.”

Manish Gupta  |  Founder  |  Matr Boomie

"MICHELLE WAS AN ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to work with on this project. She expertly brought the vision to life. She made impact data visual and fun to read. I worked with Michelle for a year and a half at Handmade Expressions, and was consistently impressed by her attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and creative talent."

Alison Hanson  |  Sustainability Manager  |  Handmade Expressions

"I WORKED WITH MICHELLE for almost 3 years while she was the Lead Graphic Designer at Matr Boomie. Her work reflected her deep understanding of visual trends but was always anchored in the company's brand-strategy. 

We collaborated on several major projects together including high level re-branding input, seasonal photoshoots and product launches, and packaging development. Michelle led with ease not only the graphic design (print, digital) but also helped shape much of the marketing voice at Matr Boomie. Her work style is passionate, enthusiastic, cutting edge, and she always presents a beautiful and functional final product. Michelle would be an excellent asset to anyone's creative team."

Jessica Otwell  |  Lead Product Designer  |  Matr Boomie

"MICHELLE IS EXTREMELY ORGANIZED and capable when it comes to creative marketing projects. During my time working with her, she always produced quality design work under tight deadlines while maintaining a positive attitude. She's one of those rare people who can design beautiful layouts, take great photos, write and manage projects while being a model team player. Her keen eye and ability to wear many hats makes her an asset to any organization. "

Clarisa Ramirez  |  Managing Director and Owner  |  Small Coffee


“WORKING WITH MICHELLE IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE of play, professionalism, organization and creativity. I’ve done many photo-shoots in past being both behind and in front of the camera, and her streamlined direction and her creative spontaneity made the shoot seamless, fun and most time efficient.

We were set to shoot outdoors only until the weather turned on us, raining cats and dogs with gusts of cold winds. She was able to move the shoot last minute to an adorable South Congress Bungalow which made for a colorful and cozy setting. Talk about being able to roll with the punches and deliver! I highly recommend Michelle as an art director. Looking forward to working with her again in the near future. ”

Charmie Stryker  |  Model and Owner | New Crop Shop

"I WORKED WITH MICHELLE on a 2-day shoot for the Handmade Expressions catalog. We shot a variety of products in multiple locations with varied stylistic approaches. I was impressed by Michelle's creative attention to detail and her ability to keep the project as a whole in focus and on schedule. The end result was a really great catalog that I'm glad to share with everyone. 

If you are looking for a highly productive, creative and fun Art Director, look no further than Michelle."

Brian Birzer  |  Professional Photographer