Men's Soap Series

Inspired by forests, cliffs and dark desert skies, these soaps are made for the ultimate man. Like an expertly crafted cocktail, he’s the perfect blend of sophistication with a hint of enigma. The earthy scents of each hefty bar will inspire adventure with every wash.

Handmade from an artisan community in India, these men’s soaps were crafted with careful
consideration of the target audience—from the oversized scale of the bar, to the copy, to the selected materials. They are neatly wrapped in deep earthy hues of sustainably dyed duck-cloth fabric, then secured with a screen-printed black and white sleeve. A perfect balance of raw and polished, each scent is paired with distinctive phrases that match not only the scent—but the man the scent identifies with. 


Concept Development, Art Direction, Design, Copy Writing, Photography