Photograph by Arnaud Lefevre 
Montreal, Quebec

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I'm Michelle, a Graphic Designer with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Design from Texas State University-San Marcos. My passion for travel and exploration has led me to a career in Australia and a once in a lifetime journey to India with a sustainable company. I value the inspiration that comes from stepping out of my comfort zone—by discovering new cultures, perspectives, and ideas.

I live for design and its ability to tell a story—a message that calls for attention, provokes thought, or produces a smile. I love how color is evocative, type is telling, and imagery is powerful.  

My style is simple with a twist. I'm honest, resilient, and open to new challenges. My personal hobbies include: traveling, photography, attending shows, and refurbishing furniture. I enjoy yoga, reading, and having a deliciously cooked meal, a nice glass of wine, and a stimulating conversation. I love getting to know new people and I hope you and I become friends. 

For more information, please view my resume.