Handmade Expressions Spring 2014 Product Launch

Designed to inspire others with a story told through color, Handmade Expressions' 2014 launch encourages life to be lived sweetly, brightly and naturally. By stylizing products together based on their color qualities vs product categories, miniature themes are conveyed that evoke cheer and comfort, and support the company's main goal to feel good by doing good. 

Product Launch theme was executed in catalogs, lookbooks, trade show signage, email campaigns, website, social media channels and in-store marketing. 

Click here to view lookbook. 

Art Director, Stylist, Print and Web Designer | Time Frame: Six weeks from concept to execution. 

Live life Sweetly  Mood Board and Product List


"I worked with Michelle on a 2-day shoot for the Handmade Expressions catalog. We shot a variety of products in multiple locations with varied stylistic approaches. I was impressed by Michelle's creative attention to detail and her ability to keep the project as a whole in focus and on schedule. The end result was a really great catalog that I'm glad to share with everyone. 

If you are looking for a highly productive, creative and fun Art Director, look no further than Michelle."

-Brian Birzer | Photographer  | www.brianbirzer.com

Live life Brightly Mood Board and Product List