All brand elements live harmoniously on the website, and strike a balance between strength and vitality. Content on the homepage was grouped and  presented in easily digestible chunks to give the user an overall understanding of NI's work, and the option to click and go deeper into a certain topic. Custom icons were designed for the most significant section of the homepage, which explains how impact happens.

The new brand synchronously launched to all global offices and was received with overall excitement and praise for the new positioning and visuals. It publicly launched in April 2017 and with its Facebook post still holding the record for most liked post on the page. 


Nutrition International 

25 years ago when the non-profit was founded, the name Micronutrient Initiative matched its targeted focus. Now they are recognized as global experts in malnutrition, with micronutrients being only one of several ways they tackle this issue to nourish people’s bodies as well as their potential. 

Having outgrown their name, Micronutrient Initiative transformed into Nutrition International—a name that clearly reflects its level of expertise and global influence. The logo has a bold and unwavering presence that reflects the organization’s strength and commitment to do whatever it takes to reach those who need it most.

The mark represents the power of nutrition. Nutrition is a core component of life, and Nutrition International helps fill that gap in many people’s lives around the world—lifting their potential to higher levels. 

The visual system maintains the boldness we see in the mark, but supports it with colors, photography and patterns that celebrate a nourished life. The color palette is inspired by the organization’s photo library—embracing the vivid and bright colors often seen in people’s garments and surroundings in the areas they work. DuoTone photo filters that pair a secondary color with primary gray are used to increase legibility of type over images. The pattern is infinite and flexible, representing core themes from the brand story of multiplying impact using flexible approaches.

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